Stars Fall

A River Runs Through It
In Hot Water

From various points all around the city, the Scions became aware of a potential catastrophe. Upon meeting up at Twin Peaks, they were able to determine that an acid rain, on an unprecedented scale, was falling on San Francisco. Three different calamities were all about to rock the city, and each one would get worse without attention.

First, through athletic feats of might and magic, they rescued stranded children from a moat of acidic water. Next, they headed north to move a pile of abandoned munitions in hopes of preventing their detonation. Finally, they went south to the zoo and managed to save a group of baby elephants from a collapsing habitat. Each task was not without its casualties, however.

After the disaster passed, a strange man named Brad arrived on behalf of the Progressives. He helped to fill in some of the blanks about the gods and the stars above.

What Was Lost...
Finding Fifi

Five Scions all received a strange text message that originated from the god Hermes. The trickster eventually led them to someone they had all been seeking on their own: the elusive Fifi. Fifi was taken by a strange cult known as the Blessed of the Sky, who were seeking the location of various things just as the Scions were.

Unfortunately, before the Scions could have their turn with Fifi, a group of Cyclopes and Stymphalion Birds barged in and attacked. Though the battle was a tough one, the Scions were able to dispatch the monsters and save the day.

Each one of the young godlings were able to ask Fifi about their individual quests, but the answers were sadly less than enlightening.


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